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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  June 21, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> that is how robb described what he was thinking monday morning when he was walking his dog and he saw a robber strike at this arco gas station at 106 and macarthur >> it is such a wimpy act to attack a mind year-old woman. it made me sick, i have seen a lot of violence but i have never seen a woman like that just tackled and thrown aside like that. >> and 90 year-old woman asking for directions at the gas station was mugged so he jumped into the woman's car and with her in the passenger seat, chased down the fief. >> it was a fight, and it was going a lot longer than it should of. to me, the heroes were the cops came and got me out of its situation that was getting more and more violent as time was going on, so, hearing their
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radios was like super relief >> oakland police department spokesperson cautions people thinking about confronting bad guys to take care of themselves first. she says that the outbreak of good samaritans on monday should make oakland crowd. >> all of the citizens were male citizens who came to the aid of women in distress and said it is not acceptable and i will do something about >> good for him. >> as for the other good samaritans, one was a jogger who track down a robber who attacked a woman and the other one happened right here on international boulevard. the great part about all this is none of the good samaritans new the victims, they just did it because it is the right thing to do. >> jurors in the william lynch priest beating trial were sent
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home today. it was not what happened in court that drew the attention. two women confronted the priest before he even made it into the court room. >> tears and hugs outside the courtroom after bailiffs ejected two women from the building following a brief confrontation with a retired priest who was trying to enter the courtroom. >> the people whom he accosted were there and he wanted to let them know they're no longer afraid of him and try to make sure you didn't go in. >> ejected were sister of the defendant and debbie lucas who says the father abused her when she was a girl >> it is completely understandable that a woman who was raped tortured over a period of over 10 years would have an outburst when confronted for the first time with the man who abused her >> unrelated to the rockets in the hallway, the judge dismissed
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it without saying why. winches on trial for beating up his in a retirement home. lynch has accused him of molesting he and his brother on a camping trip to work for an seven years old. legal experts said the postponement could have it to do with allegations that the father perjured himself yesterday when he denied molesting winch and his brother. the attorney told the jury that the father would probably why about it when called to the witness stand >> perjury is a very serious charge and while the statute of limitations might have run on the child molestation, it certainly has not in perjury. >> a man standing at a mountain view bus stop was killed by a runaway car. witnesses say the gray audi appeared to be speeding as it went through a light at california street and asked will
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ave. seconds later the car went off the road and hit a man. neighbors say it is a dangerous intersection. >> when know that this intersection has been very busy. six months ago right here, there was an accident white car went through right here >> police interviewed the driver but have not release his name. the victim has not been identified either but neighbors say he often took the bus. in other news around the bay, the family of a berkeley hills man killed outside his home filed a wrongful death suit against the city. in february the 67 year-old was beaten by an intruder. he had called the non-emergency number when he called, he noticed a suspicious person but the officer was not immediately dispatched. the family filed the suit claiming police did not respond to help.
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one woman died in an overnight house fire in berkeley. firefighters pulled the woman from the attic but she did not survive. two other people were hurt and one of the injured suffered minor burns. the other, smoke inhalation. >> flames that swept over pier 29 showed just how quickly fire could overtake. the big question now is how long will it take to fix? mike sherman joins us with more >> the city vowed to restore pier 29 to its original historic grandeur and to do before the america's cup crowds packed the city crews today finished the job at the fire started last night, knocking down what was left of the facade. inspectors determined that the back part of the pierre did not suffered structural damage and is not under any fear of
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collapse. we were led inside and despite a smoky smell it looked ok. damage estimates but it just north of $2 million. the cause of the fire is either electrical or from workers who were in the building >> we're working very hard to make sure san francisco's waterfront looks great. >> pier 29 was going to be either a food court or a parking office space. it should be backed by showtime for america's cup. america's cup has really been snake bitten. you consider that the land deal did not go through, they had to cut the number of boats that are coming, the crowd estimate is way down and now the fire, what
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can happen next? we don't really want to know and we hope everything goes as well as a can for the next 12 months. >> governor brown and democratic leaders have struck a deal on remaining cuts to california's budget. the hardest-hit areas will be the welfare program and cal works. >> by the way, i don't like any of it, and these are sober decisions >> of the state is facing a projected $15.7 billion shortfall. although democrats pass the main budget bill on a majority but last week, the governor pass for deeper cuts to welfare and other social services. a vote on the new budget will take place next week. meanwhile the governor says he will not block potential environmental suits against california's high-speed rail project. the decision comes as legislators are considering appropriating $6 billion to
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begin the system as early as december. >> on live in pleasanton, an alameda county judge tells a danville woman you are not allowed to shop at nordstrom's anymore. we will tell you what that mother of two did. >> it felt like my head would explode and i thought i would lose consciousness >> in his own words, george zimmerman relaxes deadly encounter with trayvon martin. >> the state that is making sex offenders list their status on offenders listlook at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song.
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that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> let's go live to mobile 5, a mother was banned from a department store? what did she do? >> this goes back to february of this year, 46 rolled amanda decided she wanted to come
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shopping at the stone ridge mall in pleasanton and go to nordstrom's. she brought her 11 week old babies with her, two of them, and she decided to leave them inside her cadillac escalade to go inside the store. another customer was coming back outside and heard the baby's crying so she called the police. the police came out here and they waited for her to come out 40 minutes later. she claimed she was in the bathroom but store security cameras showed she was actually in the store shopping, returning some items. then it got really weird. the police came and they arrested her on two counts of misdemeanor child endangerment and she ended up going to court. today was our sentencing, she pled no contest. the judge sentenced her to among other things, not being allowed to go back inside the
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nordstrom's. she is not allowed to shop here anymore. we talked with a couple of mothers out here and they say that is kind of a strained sentence. >> i don't think under any circumstances he should leave your kids in the car, that is unacceptable. but, i know, to be banned from a store? that is a bit much >> the judge slapped her with a $1,000 fine and some mandatory counseling and parenting class is but the bottom line, no nordstrom's. at least not this one, ever again. >> george zimmerman defense team has released new video that shows the neighborhood watch volunteer reenacting the night he shot and killed trayvon martin >> he said you got a problem?
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and i said no >> this is george zimmerman telling his side of the story. these interviews were recorded the day after the shooting. cinnamon claims he tried to get away and was screaming for help but notice a gun under his jacket >> he looked at it and said you will die tonight and he reached for and i felt his arm going down to my side and i grabbed it and i grabbed my firearm and shot him one time. i didn't think i hit him because he sat up and said you got me >> zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and is being held in jail. you have heard of mystery shoppers but one bay area city may soon have an entire mystery story. why the potential provider is staying in the shadows for now >> you might want to think twice before buying some of this season's hottest accessories. manufacturers have pro,,,,,,,,,
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>> stocks took a drop following several weak economic reports. the dow dropped by over 200 points. the president hit back at
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republicans to accuse him of talking about student loans to distract from the economy. >> higher education cannot be it luxury reserved for just a privileged few. it is an economic necessity for every family. >> they're just 10 days before federal loan rates double for millions of americans which would create an average height of $1,000 per student. both parties want to prevent that but they're divided on how to pay for the solution. >> there is mystery surrounding a prime piece of property in the east bay. right now building sits empty depending on who moves in next, there could be plenty of opposition. >> at the be, a busy intersection of mcdonald and san pablo, an old supermarket stands vacant. the building's owner has applied for a permit to reopen and operate a large restore but for now, the signs will stay
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blank because the planning commissioners are not being told who wants to move in >> there were some who said, if you know the tenant, can you tell us >> plans have been submitted for review but so far >> the landowner is not saying who the operator will be and the neighborhood is concerned that it could be wal-mart but if it was trader joe's or whole foods, they have no problem >> wal-mart usually faces opposition when it opens anything in the bay area. a lot of people still like the way they do business. mitchell says he would like to be able to walk to the grocery store but not wal-mart >> we're not asking for the very best for some particular tenant, we're just looking for something that is not the worst use of the place from our perspective >> environmental is usually used as a roadblock in there is some suggestion that they might be
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seeking for approval before wal- mart's name is attached but again, the name wal-mart has only been used by those who oppose it >> the developer would like us to assume the best and it is really hard to know what will happen >> so far, wal-mart will not confirm or deny what happens with the project and either will the landowner but it should make for interesting discussion at tonight's meeting. >> a new law in louisiana will require sex offenders and child creditors to post their criminal status on their facebook pages. the lawmaker who wrote the losses it is the first of its kind in the nation. the law expands a sex offender registration is to include a disclosure on social networking sites as well. it seems some of the most sought after women's accessories have an ugly side. >> two years after manufacturers agreed to stop making items with
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lead, it is still turning up in purses and wallets. >> their colorful, stylish, and according to watchdog group, a dangerous. the center for environmental health tested brightly colored women's purses and wallets and found that 15 percent of them contain dangerously high levels of lead >> it is a toxic chemical so adults who are exposed to risk increase levels of heart attacks, stroke, and other serious problems. >> the group says the problem lies in the pigment used to color the purses >> ones that were synthetic like vinyl were more likely to have the lead and those that are died like yellow or green were more likely >> the six were the worst offenders each containing at least 30 times the acceptable level of lead. this whether clutch from a high end designer tory burch had 200
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times the lead limit purchased at neiman marcus >> we found these bags that contained lead in everything from discount stores to the most high-end stores >> it is shocking >> michael green says the item should not be on the shelves in the first place. two years ago, more than 200 stores and manufacturers agreed to stop selling and making items with the amount of lead >> they have all agreed to take it out so the fact that some many of them have not solved the problem, we just do not get it. >> will it change the way you shop? >> maybe. i would probably ask retailers what does it have now or any hazardous materials when i purchased it >> this is a follow-up study to one done three years ago and the good news is that overall, the level of lead is way down but the concern is that it is still there in many products on the market and even at high and
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retailers. if you are concerned, the environmental working group will test your purse for free. head to for more informations. >> yesterday felt like summer, and today is like a completely different day >> temperatures were 10-15 degrees below average for this time of year. the east coast is baking with a heat wave and we have clouds. cloudy and cool is the name of the game for today. temperatures out the door are still struggling to get to the '70s in some spots. upper 50s in some places like oakland. tonight you can expect more clouds and areas of patchy fog. temperatures will mainly be in the upper '40's to the very low fifties and some of the inland spots.
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tomorrow it will be similar and we even have a chance of rain in the forecast just for the north bay. here is the weather story, satellite and radar is showing all those clouds moving in that the coast and we will time out for you on future cast. we could even see some drizzle by early friday morning. it looks like everyone is waking up to clouds. and noon we start to see some rain showers move into areas like sonoma county in north bay. it should be light and stay to the north of the golden gate. overnight lows mainly in the upper '40's to the low fifties. cooler in places like santa rosa, only 49 degrees there. unseasonably cool temperatures, it was just wednesday when we saw the sunshine and temperatures today are 20-30 degrees below that. a similar story tomorrow as
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well. struggling to get into the '70s in places like vallejo and caulker. a chance of rain mainly in the north bay and some coastal areas will see some drizzle, especially friday morning. we will see a very slight increase in temperatures by sunday and it looks like the middle of next week is when we start to see a little bit of a warm-up, struggling to get into the low 80s. >> having a dog around the house can actually protect against certain health problems. a new study found that asthma and even the common cold decrease warehouse just went to dogs is present.
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>> they didn't touch her but a group of school bus bullies hit their chaperon where,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> there has been an outpouring of support for a school bus monitor bullied by seventh graders in upstate new york. >> the incident was caught on video and posted on youtube. she said she does not want the police to face charges but officials and police might not agree >> a school bus monitor in upstate new york says she does not want to press charges against a group of seventh graders, bullying her on video. middle school students in the town can be heard heckling the 68 year-old karen klein, calling her names and asking her why there is water running down her face.
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a grandmother of eight, she was commended for keeping her cool during the episode but says that the words hurt >> something about me being so fat and ugly my kids will commit suicide. i don't think they knew that my son had committed suicide >> they have identified all four boys involved and have spoken to the students and their families. >> as one father put it, his son is sitting back waiting for his punishment. no one has denied accountability >> the district is now pursuing disciplinary action. >> we began searching for others and we were able to find it three total videos posted by the same person. we're not quite sure who that is >> more than 1.5 million people have watched the video on the net. a fund-raising signup has collected more than $300,000 to
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>> coming up at 6:00, it was the cornerstone of the oakland crime-fighting plan. what the mayor has to say about the 100 block plan. >> something mysterious killing california sea otters.


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